MFA Thesis


A Girl's Manifesto on Sexual Health

My thesis project is a product of extensive research & investigation & demonstrates my ability to use graphic design as a vehicle for social awareness and change, incorporating respect & dignity for the consumer into the marketing focus surrounding feminine hygiene. 

At the age of 18, thousands of teenage girls trade the comfort and security of home for college or career life. This transition presents new challenges for a young female in a society often blind to the particulars of this stage of life. When I was in college I learned to craft design and narrative and to appreciate the importance of presenting a strong brand. During this process, I noticed that my identity as a woman and that of other women worldwide were strangely absent from the design conversation. Most notable to me was the issue of feminine sexual health and hygiene. The presentation of related products, simply put, is an affront to the dignity & sense of self worth and privacy women deserve. I began to visualize and construct a new approach...


Today, feminine health and hygiene brands are spending millions of dollars on design campaigns but they still haven’t addressed the female need for discretion and privacy in the marketing and packaging of feminine sexual health and hygiene products. The identity of a woman is strangely absent from the design conversation within this category. Consumer life is very saturated with visual noise, unclear choices and obfuscation. In a cluttered world, brands need to simplify the process while embodying the values and dignity of the consumer. 


I have created a lifestyle brand which embodies a new head space and shift of consciousness that manifests with products packaged and designed to resonate specifically with young women. This thesis was created to help women feel supported via packaging dignified with a sense of confidentiality and sensitivity when purchasing sexual health products. Through better design, women will be free to shop absent of the perceived stigma associated with the products.

The Harper Supply Co. product line is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable molded pulp

The Harper Supply Co. product line is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable molded pulp