Indosole is a growing footwear company based in California, USA, with manufacturing in Bali, Indonesia. Indosole products are handmade by skilled Indonesian artisans and the production process does not contain any fuel powered machines, just strong hands and minds. 

Indosole’s mission is to repurpose one million tires that would otherwise end up in the overflowing Indonesian landfills by giving them new life as footwear, while inspiring resourceful living amongst their youth and communities.


When I was approached by Indosole back in 2012, the founder was looking for a designer whose beliefs aligned with those of the company. I am inspired by the repurposing concept and by these amazing people who bring their dreams to action. Their products are exciting, all the more so because of the beneficial impact on the environment and the local lives that are altered in the process. Whether in package, print or web design, my focus is on highlighting the fusion of the dream with the action, the rich traditions and vibrant colors of Bali with the adventurous California spirit.